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2021 Ultimate Hanukkah Gift Ideas And Guide

Whether you pronounce it as Hanukkah or Channukah, there is no doubt that gifts are one of the most memorable and loved parts of this Jewish holiday. So in our ultimate Hanukkah gift ideas and ideas, we will provide you with the perfect Jewish Hannukah gift. Whether it is a gift to bring for a holiday dinner, for a co-worker, or a child, we want to help you find the present that will put the biggest smile on their face.

Gift For A Jewish Teenage Girl

Though varied in its exact origins, historically, the Hamsa symbol was quite commonly worn among Israelis and much of the Sephardic Jewish population. In recent years though, it has garnered more broad-based appeal and can be found in many high-end jewelry shops around the globe. The five-finger shape may symbolize the hand of God or, in the ancient kabbalah tradition used to counteract the evil eye (Ayin Hara). Regardless, the meaning behind the beautiful design can take on different themes for each wearer and is sure to make any teenage girl with a love of jewelry very happy.

Gift For A Jewish Teenage Boy

Loved by young adults and adults alike, Settlers of Catan is one of the most popular games in recent history. The strategy game where players compete to build cities and compete for resources is immense fun and usually results in hours of quality time with friends and family. If the person getting the gift already has the core edition of Catan as well as the core expansion pack, check out the other lauded expansion editions, including the Seafarers, Explorers & Pirates, and of course the Star Trek Catan expansion.

Gifts For Jewish Toddlers & Children

These cute menorahs, one perfect for a kid that loves space, and one for a child that loves the world of princesses will seamlessly blend into the theme of Hanukkah and make the special holiday one that a child remembers for a lifetime.

Gift For A Jewish Mother

Mothers are truly a blessing. There is no replacement and you would be hard-pressed to find someone who has lost their mother and does not wish they asked them questions about varying aspects of their life until it is unfortunately too late. This workbook is frankly a genius idea that is quite invaluable. Through prompts, it memorializes the legacy that only one’s mother could have and allows for the sharing of her story for generations to come. The dad’s version of this workbook can be purchased here.

Gift For A Jewish Father

Whether to use for Hanukkah or as a beautiful work of art, or both, a menorah is an obvious yet timeless gift. With so much historical significance and simply a work of art, the menorah makes a statement in both a traditional and artistic manner that few other pieces can and is sure to be appreciated.

Gift For Your Significant Other

These UGG bathrobes are the definition of luxury and comfort. Cozy is an understatement and your significant other will thank you more than once for this gift that is sure to please.

Gift For A Jewish Grandmother Or Grandfather

Gift For A Jewish Co-Worker

The Mandatory Hanukkah Ugly Sweaters

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