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Jewish Classified Listings

Jewish Classified Listings

KosherSquared offers Jewish classified listings in three categories: Kosher Holiday Listings, Jewish Job Listings, and Jewish Real Estate Listings. With our core focus on updating and connecting the Jewish community with offerings in the travel, hospitality, and lifestyle space, these three classified listing categories help in improving our goal of making KosherSquared a central platform for not only news but also opportunities to live more adventurous, interesting and fulfilling life. After all, travel, the place where a person lives, and their job are three of the most important and fulfilling aspects of a person’s life. 

Kosher Holiday Listings 

Our Kosher Holiday Listings focus on the various Jewish holidays as well as other general seasons for vacation. From Sukkot and Passover hotel programs to unique kosher cruises and safaris in locations spanning the globe, exploring the world of kosher travel is at your fingertips. 

Jewish Job Listings 

Our Jewish Job Listings aim to help Jewish businesses seamlessly connect with talented Jewish job seekers across a broad range of job roles in locations ranging from New York to Israel and everywhere in between. Whether it is an administrative role, high-tech, or executive recruiting, we want to make connections between employer and employee effective and efficient. 

Jewish Real Estate Listings

Our Jewish Real Estate Listings centrally list a variety of property types, including apartments for rent and homes for sale, as well as vacation rentals in cities and towns across the globe. Whether it is a house for sale in the burgeoning township of Lakewood in New Jersey or a luxurious vacation rental in Jerusalem, we want to help property owners and real estate agents connect with those seeking to rent or buy real estate.