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The Best Kosher Pizza

It would be hard to argue that there is more of an age-old and pressing question than who makes the best kosher pizza. Tablet Magazine has gone far enough to ask whether kosher pizza is even good. There are those who have made it a holy mission to find the best pizza, whether kosher or not, such as El Pres (aka David Portnoy of Barstool Sports), and even created an app, ONE BITE, to track the rankings. We enjoy Portnoy’s rankings and reviews and put significant weight behind them as he is after one of the most well-known pizza aficionados and has arguably tasted more pizza around the globe than any other human. 

What The Critics Think

Dave’s reviews for kosher pizza joints to date have Pizza Time, located on the corner of East 14th & J in Brooklyn, NY, near the top with a rating of 8.2/10. That is an impressive score since ratings above 8 are exceedingly rare. For context, DiFara Pizza, coincidentally only a block away and regularly rated by “pizza experts” as one of the top American pizzerias, has a rating of 9.4, the second-highest rating ever given by Portnoy. 

Of note, though, as of this writing, Portnoy has rated two other kosher NYC pizza joints higher than Pizza Time. Bravo Kosher Pizza in Midtown clocked in at 8.3/10, and Saba’s Pizza on the Upper East Side got a whopping 8.4/10. With that said, there are a whole host of food critics that deem Pizza Time one of the best kosher slices on the market.

When it comes to rating the best kosher pizza, the core issue is that much of the hierarchy comes down to minutiae at the upper echelons of pizza. For example, Dave favors very crisp slices that are generally done in a wood-fired brick oven. While there are a small number of the best kosher pizzerias that everyone agrees sit at the top, the true king of the kosher pizza castle is up for debate. 

Our Pick

Our vote for best kosher pizza is a tie between Pizza Time and Benny’s on the corner of East 18th Street, and Avenue M. Benny’s is a different kind of slice with a thinner crust and a variety of cheese types. It is important to make two crucial distinctions for Benny’s. First, they have two kinds of standard looking slices that confuse customers. What they refer to as the “original slice” is, in our view, the superior one, while the “regular slice” is not remarkable at all. They also have a whole host of other unique and exceptional tasting slices, such as the mushroom slice. Second, Benny’s has a location on Avenue J, actually right near Pizza Time, and in our view, it is not nearly as good as the one on Avenue M. 

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