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Sen Sakana Offering Nikkei Cuisine Now Kosher

In a nearly two-year span of many disappointments on the kosher food front brought on by the economic devastation wrought by the pandemic on the New York kosher restaurant scene, there is finally a ray of light. Sen Sakana, offering Nikkei fare, a fusion of Japanese and Peruvian cuisine, is a luxe restaurant that brings something unique to the kosher foodie. Nikkei cuisine is unique as it blends two distinct food profiles but also brings a novel history. Specifically, the blended cuisine formed as a result of the large Japanese community in Peru.

Located at 28 W 44th Street, between 5th and 6th Avenues, the restaurant has been around for several years and has gone the kosher route. However, it is not the first well-established restaurant with a non-kosher clientele to pursue the kosher certification route. One of the most memorable is the Bravo Pizza chain, which saw great success by becoming kosher and expanding to numerous locations.

On offer at Sen Sakana are a variety of meat dishes and fish and an Omakase option. See the menu here and the kosher certification here. In addition to the unique food, the vast restaurant with almost 200 seats reportedly built at the cost of $7 million has an interior not found in other kosher restaurants featuring a unique and nearly nightclub ambiance.

Sen Sakana
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