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Patis Bakery Comes To Avenue M In Brooklyn

Patis Bakery
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For those who have traveled to Paris and experienced the patisseries and boulangeries that dot the City of Light, the bakeries don’t seem to cut it once back stateside. Sure there are great kosher bakeries throughout the United States with a smorgasbord of practically countless options to choose from in places like the NY Metro. Still, though, up until the last few years, one would be hard-pressed to find a proper french style kosher patisserie. That all changed when Patis Bakery opened its doors, first in Lyndenhurst, New Jersey circa 2018, then in the Crown Heights, and now on Avenue M in the Midwood sections of Brooklyn, NY. 

Almond Croissant & Cronut From Patis

We visited the newest location on Avenue M between East 17th and 18th that opened in October 2020 to see for ourselves as we have read rave reviews based on the other two branches. For those familiar with the area, it might come as a bit of a surprise that Patis is literally right next door to Presser’s Kosher Bakery and Bagel Shop. Presser’s has been a mainstay in the neighborhood for decades. Also, Breadsmith, a franchise brand popular in the midwest, opened a few years back a block away. With all that said, while Patis does offer some of the items available at the other two nearby bakeries, they differ in many ways, especially in the style of baking. Whereas Pressers and Breadsmith offer more traditional fare, Patis has a European and specifically French flair.

We tried quite a comprehensive array of items to include delicious spinach and feta tartines, an unparalleled almond croissant, a fresh sourdough multigrain bread, and a French baguette we also thought was top notch. The cookies and cronut we tried were less impressive, but perhaps that had to do with the high expectations combined with our affinity for items with a French lineage. Patis also has an array of sandwiches and challahs on offer with a seemingly ever-expanding menu of items. 

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