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Passover 2022 Programs And Pesach Hotel Listings

Passover programs and Pesach hotel listings across the globe offering a variety of kosher for Pesach vacations for the Jewish holiday of Passover. 
Pesach 2022 Dates: April 15 – April 23, 2022
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Pesach, also referred to as Passover, is one of the core Jewish holidays and, like Sukkot, is one of the longest, spanning more than a week and generally falls sometime in April. In contrast to Sukkot, though, it is significantly more common for Jewish families to go away for Passover due to the strict and arduous cleaning required to get rid of any chametz. Whether traveling to another country or going to a hotel program near one’s home, the choices for those looking to enjoy Pesach in a carefree manner are numerous and growing each year. From luxury beachfront hotels to villas and cruises, the options are practically endless. 
Our Kosher Holiday Listings Platform offers those interested in spending Pesach at a program to easily browse and filter Passover hotel listings and decide on a program that best fits their criteria. 
Some of the most popular Passover program listings include Miami, San Diego, New York, Israel, Dubai, Morocco, Cyprus, Italy, Greece, France, and Cancun. 


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