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Jews Are Simply Unwelcome At Cornell and Can Dine Elsewhere

The Israel-Hamas War, a response to the massacres of Hamas on October 7, 2023, against civilians in towns on the southern border of the country, has tensions running very high. The fact that tensions are at a fever pitch is of little surprise though. The bodies of dead children, whether Israeli or Palestinian, are more than enough to do that, and the loss is immense. What is surprising is that the mob mentality and resorts to threats and violence do not emanate from among the usual suspects alone, such as in Middle Eastern capitals where the populace broadly aligns with anti-Israel sentiment. Rather, former beacons of academia, such as Cornell, have become places where Jews no longer feel welcome, let alone safe. After all, Cornell and its peers have for years now been on a trajectory of hypocrisy that had only one destination. Vastly outnumbered and bullied into submission, Jewish students find themselves backed into a corner and fearful of what comes next. 

Jews Advised Not To Dine At Cornell “For Their Own Good”

University dining halls, viewed as a place of cheerful conversation and relaxation, are no longer on offer to Jewish students in this environment at Cornell. After a variety of anonymous online posts threatened Jewish students with death of varying types, among other techniques of torture, the campus Hillel warned students to stay away from the dining hall, as follows:

“Cornell Hillel is aware of a threatening statement that was directed toward the building at 104West, which houses the university’s kosher and multicultural dining hall, as well as more generally toward Jewish students, faculty, and staff… At this time, we advise that students and staff avoid the building out of an abundance of caution.”

Hillel @ Cornell

What is bizarre about President Pollack is that although she may attempt to say “the right things” when she has no choice, she also seemingly equivocates between terror attacks and acts of nature such as floods or an earthquake. Specifically, on October 10, in response to the massacres that took place less than three days prior, she stated:

The loss of human life is always tragic, whether caused by human actions such as terrorism, war or mass shootings, or by natural disasters such as earthquakes, fires or floods.

Cornell University President Martha Pollack

While President Pollack is horrified, disgusted, and deeply saddened by this violent attempt to overturn an election,” and rightfully “horrified” by a racially motivated mass murder in Buffalo, for the Hamas massacre, it is simply “attacks” just like your run of the mill “natural disasters such as earthquakes, fires or floods.”

Update 10/31/2023: Cornell Student Arrested for Making Threats

Patrick Dai, a junior at Cornell University, was arrested today based on allegations that Dai was the individual behind the threats made.

The Cornell Professor “Energized” and “Exhilarated” By The Massacre

Imagine you are a Jewish student at Cornell who likely has a family or friend affected by the October 7 massacre and its depressing consequences, only to be compounded by having the displeasure of being subject to the whims of a history professor called Russell Rickford, who exclaimed he felt “energized” and “exhilarated” by the sickening events of that fateful day.

“It was exhilarating. It was energizing… I was exhilarated!”

Cornell Professor Russell Rickford

After initially adamantly sticking to his statements of energy and exhilaration, the professor apologized “for the horrible choice of words.”

Now granted, after Cornell got called out for employing such a gentleman, the professor “requested” to take a leave of absence, but this is just another example of Cornell seemingly being sad they got caught.

Jew, You Seem To Simply Be Unwelcome At Cornell

There used to be a time when Cornell symbolized excellence in education. A place where one aspired to attend if only they put in the hard work and kept their eye on the prize. Now, though, Cornell is a symbol of the rotting corpse that is all too common at the formerly “elite” universities of America. At Cornell, if you are Jewish, you are the wrong kind of victim, and the massacres of your friends and family are just like that of a natural disaster. At Cornell, your professor may proudly exclaim that he or she felt “exhilarated” and “energized” when Hamas massacred young and old, Jew and non-Jew, on October 7, 2023. At Cornell, you can dine elsewhere since you will be uncertain whether the death threats aimed at you will result in real-life terror or only theoretical. 

All this is to say, Jew, you are unwelcome at Cornell. 

You may dine elsewhere, though.