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HASC Concert Is To Be Held In Dubai

HASC, a provider of services to those with special needs, is slated to hold a concert in Dubai. The fundraiser, called A Time For Music, will be in addition to their annual fundraiser. 

With the pandemic throwing any plans for such a concert in New York entirely out of the question, Dubai is a creative choice. After signing the Abraham Accords, establishing diplomatic relations between the UAE and Israel, Dubai has seen an explosion of travel from Jewish communities in Israel and the United States. As we have reported previously, there has been a swift ramping up of kosher restaurant and hospitality options in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, the two most populous emirates. It seems as though HASC is capitalizing on this opportunity to bring donors looking for a novel and luxurious experience at a time when traditional fundraising activities are hampered. 

The program is billed as a “once in a lifetime opportunity” to bask in the UAE’s unique luxury and culture. Featuring Rabbi Berel Lazar, the Chief Rabbi of Russia, the program is slated to begin on Sunday night, January 10th, and go until Thursday, January 14th. 

Produced by Fleishman/Peles, a tour outfit based out of Israel, the itinerary, accommodations, and food are indeed quite appealing. With that said, guests need to be ready to pay a pretty penny with a single room for one person starting at $16,000 and going up to $26,500 for a couple in a suite. 

The brochure outlining the events to take place throughout the week includes a shark tank style pitch show spearheaded by the program’s corporate sponsor, Riverside Experience. Riverside, a powerhouse in the real estate title and related services space, will be showcasing companies up for investment. Besides a variety of tours and visits to the attractions in and around Dubai, such as the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, the week’s highlight is the A Time For Music concert. On the evening of Wednesday, January 13th, the concert will be held at the iconic Dubai Opera, a 2,000 seat world-class performing arts center that hosted some of the best in opera and the arts. Produced by Eli Gerstner, it is unclear as to the lineup of talent participating in the event.

It is unclear if there were any discounts or other carrots put forth in the decision to hold the concert in Dubai other than the fact that it is a highly popular destination among Jews since the peace deal went into effect and kosher food is now more widely available. The Dubai Opera shows a sparse lineup on their calendar of events which the pandemic is no doubt the cause of. There are no public events in January and the concert is followed the next day, on the 14th, by a Kuwaiti comedian called Tareq Al Ali.

Dinner follows the concert with wine curated by the Herzog Winery. The food at the program is certified kosher under the auspices of the Chabad emissary to the UAE, Rabbi Levy Duchman.

UPDATE 12/23/2020

It seems as though there is or was uncertainty regarding the event as Matzav.com, in a now-deleted article (cached article) claimed that the event was canceled due to COVID-19. It is unclear if this was an erroneous report or there was indeed some change.