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Best Kosher Hotels In Dubai, UAE

After signing the Abraham Accords, which commenced a new era of peace between Israel and the UAE, travel by kosher-minded consumers to Dubai has eclipsed even the most optimistic prognosticators

Dubai is one of the seven emirates and hosts the majority of the Jewish population in the UAE. It is also the center of commerce and tourism, making it the central focus of the Jewish hospitality and food-focused boom since the accords were signed. While the UAE’s capital, Abu Dhabi, has seen activity too, it is much more limited than Dubai since the Jewish population and activity centers are more limited in Abu Dhabi. In this discussion, we will overview the best kosher hotels in Dubai. 

We have explored the options for kosher food in the UAE, including restaurants and delivery for those interested. 

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Armani Hotel Dubai

4.5/5 Based On 3,000+ Tripadvisor Reviews



The Armani Hotel Dubai is located in the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, and offers luxurious hospitality modeled after the iconic fashion house. Of more importance, though, at least for the kosher consumer, the hotel houses the only fine dining restaurant currently on offer in the UAE or, for that matter, the Gulf region in general. The restaurant is called Armani/Kaf and is located on the hotel’s ground floor, though the hotel only begins on the upper floors of the tower.

Address Marina Dubai

5/5 Based On 6,000+ Tripadvisor Reviews



The Address Marina Dubai is a luxurious option for the kosher traveler and ranks in the top 5 Dubai hotels according to Tripadvisor. The hotel is where the Chabad of the UAE, headquartered in Dubai and led by Rabbi Levi Duchman, conducts its Shabbat meals. Shabbat reservations need to be made in advance, including the associated fee.

Hilton Dubai Al Habtoor City

4.5/5 Based On 2,000+ Tripadvisor Reviews



A more mid-range hotel based on standards of Dubai but quite luxurious when compared to hotels globally, the Hilton Dubai Al Habtoor City is host to Elli’s Kosher Kitchen. Elli’s was the first kosher catering and delivery service in Dubai and has since expanded as Jewish travel to the region has seen a meteoric rise.

The Al Habtoor Group’s family of hotels in Dubai are numerous. Some offer 24×7 room service from Elli’s, including the Hilton Dubai Al Habtoor City and the V Hotel Curio Collection by Hilton and the Habtoor Palace Dubai. Full in-room kosher breakfast and dinner are also available at many of Al Habtoor City Hotels.

A Revolving Lineup Of Seasonal Programs 

In addition to the current best kosher hotel options in Dubai, a revolving lineup of tour operators and catering companies conducting seasonal programs at various hotels throughout the year, such as Starguest and Gaya Tours who operated a winter program at the Grand Hyatt Dubai.

With the continuing growth and maturation of the Jewish community in Dubai, the UAE, and the Gulf in general, and the hopeful easing of travel restrictions as the pandemic is controlled, we can expect to see more kosher hotels in Dubai come onto the scene.

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